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Stand Up America:
Do you wonder about the security of our President when 2 people gain access to a state affair without, it seems, the slightest bit of difficulty?? How did this happen – who let them in above and beyond the checking of our Secret Service?? What else is under the radar and not available for us citizens to see and find out about??

How are we to protect ourselves in the coming days, especially when our money decreases even more in value and the impending inflation is upon us?? So many questions and no-one it seems, able to answer them corrrectly.

Dubai is a scary item. $60 billion in debt and no bail out???? Where does that leave us???It’s another reason to start using our inherent resources, the oil here in the gulf of Mexico, the oil that is just waiting to be gotten off the California coast and other places inland in the west. When will our leaders learn that it is us that will have to bail us out, the folks, thats who, not the “Government”. WE need folks with an inner calling to get out and make the folks just standing by follow and make this country whole again.
Get out and voice your feelings, make them heard, call your congress and yell – You’re not wanting to tke it any more”. Stand up and don’t be afraid to speak out to your friends and family before its too late for this great country.

Regards and make some comments please.

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